Ball Skills

Ball skills (Hockey)

The children progressed the Ball Skills strand on by using hockey equipment, trying to control the ball whilst dribbling around a set of cones. Then trying to develop their personal best by aiming for a specific target using the hockey push pass.

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Ball Control

The children had a go at dribbling and turning around a set of cones. They were also tasked with seeing how many turns around the cones they could complete in 30 seconds.

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Ball Skills Activities

Here is some of our children taking part in the Ball Skills activities as part of the Black Country Rainbow Hour.

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Ball Skills third edition

Staff at Eastfield showing you some more ball skills examples as part of the Rainbow Book third edition.

Cool Catcher: Heads, Shoulders, Knees, Catch

Staff at Eastfield have shown you an example of what the Head, Shoulders, Knees, Catch challenge looks like.

Ball Skill challenges 

Staff at Eastfield have used the skills from this part of the Rainbow book to create challenges.