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The School Day

Morning School

Morning School begins at 8.50 am. Gates on Colliery Road, Eastfield Grove and Griffin Street open at 8:40am. Senior staff are on the gates every morning between 8:40-8:50am. Children should enter the school gates between 8:40-8:50am. All teachers and support staff will be on duty each day in the classroom / corridor before school from 8.40am. School cannot be held responsible for children before this time and children should not arrive to school before 8:40am.  

Griffin Street and Eastfield Grove gates will be locked promptly at 8:50am. Parents and late children will then need to use the Colliery Road gate (main entrance). It is important that children are at school “on time‟, the first 15 minutes of the day is very important for teachers and children to 'check in' and for the visual timetable of the day to be explained to the children. 


Lunch Break















Home Time

School finishes at 3.20pm. Cones indicate where to queue up and wait. Teachers will dismiss children to parents in order. 


Children in EYFS are dismissed onto their outdoor classroom area (multicoloured picket fence area). Y1 and Y2 are dismissed onto the pirate ship playground. Y3, Y4 and Y5 are dismissed onto the KS2 playground. Y6 are dismissed onto the playground, closest to the school field. 


Please ensure that if children are to be collected, parents or carers are on time and please notify the office or your child’s class teacher if it is someone different collecting your child. We would like children in all year groups to be collected from school by a responsible adult but if you choose for your child to walk home on their own then please provide the school with written permission for your child to walk home alone.  


Please ensure that the school office has your most up to date home or mobile number in case we need to contact you in an emergency. 

Teaching Hours

Teaching Hours (excluding registration, assemblies, breaktimes and lunchtimes)

25 hours per week

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