School Lunch

There are three alternatives you may wish to choose:


1. School lunch paid / free

2. Packed lunch from home

3. Home for lunch


School meals are £2.50 per day. Milk is also provided at lunchtime. We are a cashless school and use an online payment system for school meal payments – SIMS PAY. Please phone the school office on 01902 558604 or email to set up an account for this service.


School is responsible for administering the collection of lunch money, and so we regret that lunch cannot be offered should any arrears reach £20.00 – you will then need to provide a packed lunch or take your child home for lunch. Mrs Stewart (Office Manager) will send out “bills" for unpaid meals on a regular basis – please ensure that these arrears are paid promptly.


All pupils in FS, Y1 and Y2 are entitled to a Free School Meal. 


Applications for free school meals can be made at the Civic Centre who will then inform the school OR if you give Mrs Stewart in the school office your Name, DOB, Address, NI Number then we can process your Free School Meal claim for you. Please renew your application for free school meals as soon as you know they are about to expire, as you will be liable for the cost of any meal your child has whilst you are waiting for your application to be processed.


The Civic Centre DO NOT back date claims. Mrs Stewart (Office Manager) will send out letters reminding you that you need to reapply for free school meals. 


Find out about our school meals by visiting:

Find out about how to apply for free school meals by visiting: