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Eastfield Primary School is an inclusive school. We expect positive behaviour for learning, and we believe in an ethos of kindness and cooperation.

We believe praise is the most powerful form of influencing a child’s behaviour and we are committed to creating an environment where positive behaviour is at the heart of productive learning.

Eastfield’s Golden Rules:

  • Be ready to learn and show pride and perseverance in your work.

  • Be respectful to yourselves, others and the school.

  • Be safe and make the right choices, both in and out of school.

The Golden Rules are consistently applied to all situations, in which the calm and consistent adult approach separates the distressed behaviour from a child. This promotes our high standard of expectations from all, at Eastfield Primary School.

Eastfield’s Core Values:

  • Care

  • Diversity

  • Opportunity

  • Pride

  • Resilience

  • Respect

Eastfield’s adult consistencies:

  • Relentless routines

  • Works hard to sustain positive working relationships

  • A calm, consistent and unified approach

We recognise and reward learners who go ‘over and above’ our standards of positive behaviour and / or display these consistently. It is our belief that continual praise and recognition of each child’s positive behaviour for learning is fundamental to encourage the behaviour we want to see. We routinely notice positive behaviour at every opportunity and verbally praise children to nurture our positive relationships.

Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of positive behaviour for learning, to accept responsibility for their actions and encourage others to do the same. Our restorative strategies guide adults to teach children self-discipline and echoes our core values, with a heavy emphasis on respectful relationships between all.

All children have the opportunity to make the right choice with support from adults through redirections and reminders.

Children are held responsible for their behaviour through restorative conversations. This approach is about building and maintaining relationships that are respectful and empowering. This is central to providing effective support for emotional well-being and positive behaviour for learning.

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