Maths Mastery

During a child’s mathematical journey at Eastfield Primary School, they develop a deep and conceptual understanding through a high-quality mathematics curriculum. Where possible, links have been made to other subjects.


We want children to:

1. Be fluent; perform mathematical problems accurately and quickly reflecting on the method they have chosen. 

2. Reason mathematically; make generalisations, develop an argument or justifications to share their thinking. 

3. Solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge with increasing confidence.


We provide opportunities for children to recognise the importance of maths in the wider world to ensure that they can apply their skills in a range of different contexts. We want all children to leave our school with a passion and positive mindset for the subject.


How we teach Mathematics

At Eastfield we are continuing to embed a Mastery ‘approach’ across school. Mastery Maths is achievable for ALL children and encourages a deeper understanding, whereby learning is sustained by children. Please watch the video below for more information: