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Maths Mastery

At Eastfield Primary, we want all children to develop into confident and competent mathematicians. We provide every child with an ambitious mathematics curriculum, which is rich in knowledge and skills. Our curriculum ignites children’s curiosity and prepares them for everyday life. We want all children to leave Eastfield with a passion for Mathematics, oozing with confidence.  

We teach our Mathematics curriculum through a ‘mastery’ approach, which has been designed to give every child, from EYFS to year 6, to have a deep and conceptual understanding. Concepts are taught in small connected and structured steps, so that children are consistently building upon their previous knowledge. We ensure that Mathematics is taught across our curriculum, so that our children develop as confident mathematicians and can apply their knowledge and skills in other contexts. 


Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum and at Eastfield our ‘mastery’ approach follows the DFE Mathematics National Curriculum Programmes of study. and the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance.

Watch the video below for more information about Mathematics at Eastfield Primary:

For Year 6 parents / carers, we have created a video that explains the Year6 Maths SATs papers that your child / children will be sitting this year. Miss Eagle has also added a few videos modelling how to complete the multiplication written methods and the division written methods, so that you can support your child in learning these methods at home. 

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